Message from the President

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Dear prospective applicant,

I welcome you to Rushford Business School!

At Rushford, we have created a unique ecosystem in which you will be led and supported by experienced faculty and mentors so you can succeed in achieving your professional goals.

Our philosophy is that a Business School is not only a place where you acquire higher knowledge but also a place where you build and polish your managerial and leadership skills, enhance your organizational and personal behaviors, and facilitate meaningful networks. All this is critical for achieving success in your professional endeavors.

I welcome you to take the first step towards a highly engaging and rewarding experience through which you will learn more about yourself, challenge yourself to achieve more, and build skills to make a tremendous positive difference to your professional aspirations!

Our team of highly committed and proficient admissions staff will help you to seamlessly progress through the admissions process! At any time, please let us know if you need assistance!

I wish you all the best!

Tufail Syed

Rushford Business School

20 Apr 2021