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MScMaster of Science (MSc) - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Tuition fee €9,500 per year

50% after receiving the Conditional Offer Letter
50% after student visa approval

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This program would enable students to embrace the concepts of artificial intelligence and understand their extension to robotics. Students will work on projects involving the development of facial recognition systems and manipulation.

The ESDST MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics is directed at making our learners fluent in developing AI models suited to Robotics being used in day-to-day life in major industries globally.

The program is directed at enabling students to understand Artificial Intelligence with respect to robotics. Students will thoroughly understand statistics, programming, and AI concepts as applied to robotics. It would equip them with the necessary skills in Python, required libraries, and AI algorithms to suit the robotics applications such as gesture mapping, movements etc.

Programme structure

Business Statistics and Advanced Excel (4 ECTS)
Business Analytics and Research Methods Foundation (4 ECTS)
Programming for Analytics using Python (4 ECTS)
Predictive Analytics Methods (4 ECTS)
Business Communication (3 ECTS)
Professional Career Lab (1 ECTS)

> Award of Certificate in Quantitative Methods & Programming

Big Data and NoSQL (4 ECTS)
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (4 ECTS)
Computer Vision and Image Recognition (4 ECTS)
Data Warehousing and Management (4 ECTS)
Ethics in AI and Robotics (4 ECTS)

> Award of Certificate in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Robotics Programming (5 ECTS)
Data Visualization and Storytelling with Tableau (5 ECTS)
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (5 ECTS)
Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks (5 ECTS)
Natural Language Processing (5 ECTS)
Robotics Process Automation (5 ECTS)

> Award of Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Spanish Language (10 ECTS)
Master Thesis (20 ECTS)
Internship (20 ECTS)

> Award of AI for Robotics Practitioner Badge

Total ECTS: 120

> Award of MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Career opportunities

2 month guaranteed paid internship

Possible Career Options

Robotic Systems Engineer
AI Robotics Specialist
Autonomous Systems Developer
Robotics Software Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer (Robotics)
Robotics Research Scientist
Robotics Algorithm Developer
Robotics Perception Engineer
Control Systems Engineer (Robotics)
Robot Programmer
AI and Robotics Integration Engineer
Human-Robot Interaction Designer
Robotics Project Manager
Automation Engineer
Unmanned Systems Engineer
Robotics Solutions Architect
Field Robotics Technician
Drone Software Developer
AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

Apply now! February semester 2024/25
Application deadline
31 Jan 2024, 23:59:59
Studies commence
26 Feb 2024
Apply now! February semester 2024/25
Application deadline
31 Jan 2024, 23:59:59
Studies commence
26 Feb 2024