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MScMSc in Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tuition fee €9,500 per year
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This 18-month full-time program is designed to give you the tools you need to make a real impact in the world of sustainability and business.

Throughout the program, you will learn about the latest sustainability trends and technologies, and how to use them to create innovative, sustainable business models. You will explore the intersection of sustainability, entrepreneurship and business strategy, and learn how to create and scale sustainable ventures. You will also learn about the challenges of implementing sustainable practices in existing organizations and how to communicate the value of sustainability to different stakeholders.

But it’s not just about the theory. This program is highly interactive and hands-on. You will work on real-world projects, both individually and in teams, and gain valuable experience in areas such as project management, design thinking, and business planning. You will also have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and learn from their experiences.

The program is taught by a diverse group of passionate and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to helping you succeed. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from different industries and will provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

Programme structure

Transformational Management (5 ECTS)
Global Business Environment (5 ECTS)
Cutting Edge Leadership (5 ECTS)
Enterprise Performance Management (5 ECTS)
Marketing in a Digital World (5 ECTS)

Corporate Strategy & Value Innovation (4 ECTS)
Professional Career Growth Seminar (1 ECTS)
Next Generation Leaders Seminar (1 ECTS)
Sustainable Business and Social Responsibility (4 ECTS)
Data Analysis for Managers (5 ECTS)

Research Methods for Managers (5 ECTS)
Applied Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation Capstone Internship (20 ECTS)
Applied Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation Capstone Project (20 ECTS)
Local Language (French, Spanish, German, etc as applicable) (10 ECTS)

Entrepreneurship Finance & Valuation (5 ECTS)
New Product Development (5 ECTS)
Intellectual Property (5 ECTS)
Private Equity & Venture Capital (5 ECTS)
Entrepreneurial and Social Innovation (5 ECTS)

Career opportunities

2-month Guaranteed Paid Internship

Popular Career Paths:

Sustainable Entrepreneur: Graduates of the program have the skills and knowledge to start their own sustainable business, where they can lead innovative sustainable ventures and make a real impact on the world.
Sustainability Consultant: Graduates can work in sustainability consulting, providing advice to organizations on how to implement sustainable practices and create sustainable business models.
Sustainability Manager: Graduates can work in sustainability management roles, leading sustainable innovation efforts in existing organizations and helping them to create sustainable business strategies.
Environmental/ Social Impact Analyst: Graduates can work as an analyst in impact investing organizations, foundations, or development agencies and support the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of investment opportunities that promote environmental and social objectives.
CSR/ Sustainability Communications: Graduates can work in CSR or sustainability communications, helping organizations communicate their sustainability efforts to different stakeholders and building their reputation as a sustainable business.
Impact Investing: Graduates can work in impact investing, using investment as a tool to create social and environmental impact and supporting sustainable projects and businesses.

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8 Apr 2024
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1 Oct 2024
Apply now! March semester 2024/25
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Studies commence
8 Apr 2024
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1 Oct 2024