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MScMSc in International Marketing

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An intensified competitive landscape has made marketing increasingly essential for the success of modern organizations. Emerging technology has paved the way for more advanced and nuanced marketing techniques, but, at the same time, they have challenged marketers to identify and implement the most feasible and beneficial approaches in a given context. The concepts of luxury branding and brand value management need high-level expertise in optimizing marketing functions to target potential customers and improve the experiences of existing clients.

After completing the program, you will be able to:

- Develop skills and capabilities to devise adequate marketing and branding strategies for the business.
- Interpret qualitative and quantitative data to predict consumer behavior, target appropriate sets of customers, and improve their experiences.
- Apply branding strategies to manage the brand value in different nations; communicate the brand’s mission and vision, and turn a local brand into a global brand.
- Understand ethical aspects while making business decisions; emphasize corporate social responsibility by engaging in community initiatives and sustainable production processes; associate social and environmental concerns with marketing practices.
- Interpret marketing literature to apply best practices in luxury branding, targeting, segmentation, and related fields.
- Assess current business scenarios and financial and social risks; employ relevant business decisions to mitigate threats and enhance business profitability in the long run.

Programme structure

Transformational Management (5 ECTS)
Global Business Environment (5 ECTS)
Cutting Edge Leadership (5 ECTS)
Enterprise Performance Management (5 ECTS)
Marketing in a Digital World (5 ECTS)

Corporate Strategy & Value Innovation (4 ECTS)
Professional Career Growth Seminar (1 ECTS)
Next Generation Leaders Seminar (1 ECTS)
Sustainable Business and Social Responsibility (4 ECTS)
Data Analysis for Managers (5 ECTS)

Research Methods for Managers (5 ECTS)
Applied International Marketing Capstone Internship (20 ECTS)
Applied International Marketing Capstone Project (20 ECTS)
Local Language (French, Spanish, German, etc as applicable) (10 ECTS)

International Marketing (5 ECTS)
Marketing Research (5 ECTS)
Advertising & Media (5 ECTS)
Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies (5 ECTS)
Sales Management & Strategy (5 ECTS)

Career opportunities

2-month Guaranteed Paid Internship

Popular Career Paths:

1. International Marketing Manager: Graduates can pursue roles as international marketing managers, responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies on a global scale. They focus on understanding different markets, cultural nuances, and consumer behaviors to tailor marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

2. Global Brand Manager: Global brand managers oversee the branding and positioning of products or services across various countries. They ensure consistency while adapting strategies to suit local preferences and cultural sensitivities.

3. Digital Marketing Strategist: With the increasing importance of digital platforms in global marketing, graduates can specialize in digital marketing. They design and implement online marketing campaigns, leveraging social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and other digital channels to reach international audiences.

4. Market Research Analyst: International market research analysts gather and analyze data to provide insights into global market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. Their findings guide companies in making informed decisions about product development, pricing, and market entry strategies.

5. Trade Marketing Specialist: Trade marketing specialists work closely with retailers and distributors to develop marketing strategies that promote products within specific international markets. They collaborate to create in-store promotions, merchandising plans, and sales incentives.

6. Global Public Relations Specialist: These professionals manage a company’s image and reputation on a global scale. They handle communication strategies, media relations, crisis management, and public outreach efforts in various countries.

7. Market Entry Strategist: Market entry strategists help companies evaluate and plan their entry into new international markets. They assess market potential, competition, regulatory frameworks, and cultural factors to develop successful market entry strategies.

8. Entrepreneur: Graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit may choose to start their own international businesses, leveraging their expertise in global marketing to create and promote products or services across borders.

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Apply now! March semester 2024/25
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