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MBAMaster of Business Administration (MBA) with Specialization

Tuition fee €9,500 per year

50% after receiving the Conditional Offer Letter
50% after student visa approval

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The program offers a broad range of business disciplines, including finance, marketing, banking, and strategy, and is designed to meet the needs of both experienced professionals and recent graduates.

In year 1, you will complete a total of 65 ECTS credits by taking a series of core courses that provide a foundation in business principles as well as your chosen electives. In year 2, you will complete 10 ECTS credits from the local language course and 45 ECTS credits through research, internship, and master thesis.

The program also includes experiential learning opportunities such as case studies, simulations, and field projects, which allow you to apply the concepts you learn in the classroom to real-world business situations and gain valuable hands-on experience.

During the program, you will choose one of the following available specializations:

Banking & Finance
Strategic Leadership
International Business
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
International Marketing
Sustainability, Energy & Environment

Programme structure

Following are the courses and corresponding credits you will earn for the 1.5 years, MBA with Specialization program:

Year 1 – Semester 1 – Management Expert (20 ECTS)
Transformational Management (4 ECTS)
Managerial Economics (3 ECTS)
Organisational Behaviour (3 ECTS)
Financial Reporting & Analysis (3 ECTS)
Marketing in a Digital World (3 ECTS)
Data Analysis for Managers (4 ECTS)

Year 1 – Semester 2 – Operations Expert (20 ECTS)
Consumer Behaviour (3 ECTS)
Corporate Finance (3 ECTS)
Business Communication( 3 ECTS)
Legal & Ethical Business (3 ECTS)
Logistics & Supply Chain Management (3 ECTS)
Professional Career Lab (1 ECTS)
Strategic Management (3 ECTS)
Next Generation Leaders (1 ECTS)

Year 1 – Semester 3 – Electives (Choose any ONE)
Strategic Leadership (25 ECTS)
International Business (25 ECTS)
International Marketing (25 ECTS)
Global Banking & Finance (25 ECTS)
Entrepreneurship & Innovation (25 ECTS)
Logistics & Supply Chain Management (25 ECTS)
Human Resource Management (25 ECTS)
Sustainability, Energy & Environment (25 ECTS)

Year 2 – Graduation & Internship (55 ECTS)
Local Language (Spanish, German etc, as applicable) (10 ECTS)
Research Methods for Managers (5 ECTS)
Master Thesis (20 ECTS)
Internship (20 ECTS)

Career opportunities

2-month Guaranteed Paid Internship

Popular Career Paths:

Management Consulting:
- Analytical and strategic thinking skills
- Specialized in international and cross-cultural consulting

Investment Banking:
- Financial acumen and knowledge of global markets

Career opportunities in various functions:

Corporate Finance
Operations management
Human resources
International Business
Entrepreneurship opportunities:

In summary, the career opportunities for graduates of the 1.5 year MBA program at Rushford Business School are vast and varied, and graduates will have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in a wide range of business careers with the added benefit of a global perspective and diverse skill set, making them well-positioned to succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing global business environment.

Apply now! February semester 2024/25
Application deadline
31 Jan 2024, 23:59:59
Studies commence
26 Feb 2024
Apply now! February semester 2024/25
Application deadline
31 Jan 2024, 23:59:59
Studies commence
26 Feb 2024